Prerequisites: Install the Azure CLI and create an Azure subscription.

Create a resource group using the az group create --name myResourceGroup --location eastus command.

Create a registry by running az acr create --resource-group myResourceGroup --name <testacr> --sku Premium.

Enable basic credentials az acr update -n <testacr> --admin-enabled true.

Using az acr credential show -n <testacr> take note of the username and one of the admin credentials.

Get into the distribution-spec folder, by running cd distribution-spec/conformance. And build the test binary go test -c.

Set the required environment variables using the previously obtained credentials.

export OCI_ROOT_URL="https://<testacr>"
export OCI_USERNAME="<username>"
export OCI_PASSWORD="<password>"
export OCI_NAMESPACE="conformance"
export OCI_TEST_PULL=1
export OCI_TEST_PUSH=1

And finally run the conformance tests by running ./conformance.test.