GitLab Container Registry


To learn how to use the GitLab Container Registry, see the user documentation. Administration instructions are also available.

Running the Conformance Tests

GitLab runs the OCI Distribution conformance tests against the GitLab.com Container Registry daily. See the latest results. To replicate the tests using GitLab CI/CD, either:

  • Clone this project.
  • Use the provided gitlab-ci.yml file.

For self-managed instances, or if you want to execute the tests against GitLab.com from a local machine, please follow the instructions below.

Prerequisites and Assumptions

For the instructions presented in this document, we assume that:

  • You are using GitLab SaaS. If you are using a self-managed instance, please update the registry address (registry.gitlab.com) accordingly.

  • You have a GitLab project against which you can execute the tests. We will assume the project path is my-group/my-project.

  • A user with a Developer+ role in the project. We will assume the username is myuser.

  • A valid authentication token with the api scope. See the authentication documentation for more information. We will assume the token value is gltoken.


  1. Clone the OCI Distribution Spec repository:

    git clone https://github.com/opencontainers/distribution-spec -b v1.0.1
  2. Build the conformance test binary:

    cd distribution-spec/conformance
    go test -c
  3. Set environment variables:

    export OCI_ROOT_URL=https://registry.gitlab.com
    export OCI_NAMESPACE=my-group/my-project/repo-a
    export OCI_CROSSMOUNT_NAMESPACE=my-group/my-project/repo-b
    export OCI_USERNAME=myuser
    export OCI_PASSWORD=gltoken
    export OCI_TEST_PULL=1
    export OCI_TEST_PUSH=1
  4. Run the tests: